2nd Quebec Congress in Adaptation-Rehabilitation Research : Rehabilitation in Action!


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Who are we?


The official French name of our organization is RÉSEAU PROVINCIAL DE RECHERCHE EN ADAPATATION-RÉADAPTATION (REPAR), which translates into English as the QUEBEC REHABILITATION RESEARCH NETWORK


Foster clinical research in rehabilitation aiming to reduce or compensate for deficiencies, incapacities and handicaps stemming from physical impairments by supporting multidisciplinary and multicenter research activities; facilitate knowledge transfer (implement outcome measures and clinical guidelines) between researchers and clinicians, and train next generation of researchers.


REPAR’S financing is used to attain the following general objectives:

  • To ensure an optimal research infrastructure that fosters the development of multicenter and multidisciplinary research in the field of rehabilitation in Quebec.
  • To support a new generation of researchers and development of their expertise in the field of adaptation-readaptation.
  • To develop partnerships with organizations interested in supporting strategic rehabilitation sectors through research financing.
  • To favour the transfer, exchange and appropriation of scientific knowledge into day-to-day rehabilitation practices.
  • To highlight and communicate developments in the area of rehabilitation.
  • 1. Comptetitiveness and Innovation

    1.1 Clinical research
    1.2 Support for strategic initiatives

  • 2. Knowledge Exchange and Application

    Strategic groups provide support for these activities which include structuring activities, information platform development, and support for knowledge transfer activities.

  • 3. Training the next generation of researchers

    3.1 Summer Student Program
    3.2 Rehabilitation Summer School
    3.3 CIHR Strategic Training Programs
    3.4 Integration of Postdoctoral Candidates
    3.5 Support for Students Wishing to Present at Scientific Events

  • 4. Partnership Activities

    4.1 Joint Grant Program for Research in Rehabilitation and Occupational Reintegration (IRSST/REPAR)
    4.2 Clinical Research Partnership in Physiotherapy (OPPQ, OEQ, OOAQ)
    4.3 Neurotrauma Research Partnership (ONF/REPAR)
    4.4 Trauma Research Development Consortium in Quebec
    4.5 Social Participation Support Program (OPHQ/REPAR)
    4.6 Partnership in Hearing Impairment(IRDPQ/IRD/REPAR)

  • 5. Research Promotion and Dissemination

    Since its founding, REPAR has relied on the recruited researchers, clinicians and students, encouraged the development of research themes and subsequently, the establishment of research programs to further the advancement of clinical researh and train the next generation of researchers.